Carboun in the Media

Carboun’s team is regularly invited for interviews and writing for regional and international broadcasters and publications. Watch this space for an updated list of interviews, articles, and citations.


Financial Times, Clean energy dividend evades Moroccan citizens, October 2021

The Take podcast by Aljazeera, Sustainability, How hot is too hot? Extreme heat in the Middle East, aired September 2021.

Aljazeera English, Opinion, Burning Forests and Burning Coal: Turkey’s Climate Conundrum. published 20 August 2021.

Asharq News TV , Asharq Circle episode on Climate Change, aired 21 July 2020 (Arabic)

Aljazeera English, Opinion, Canary in the coal mine: Gaza, the Levant, and climate change, published 07 July 2021.

Schneider Electric MEA Goes Green Podcast, Sustainability, Technology And The Pandemic With Karim Elgendy, aired June 2021

Sky News Arabia TV, Hiwar+ Program, The Planet is in Danger: Can World Leaders Save it?, aired 26 April 2021 (Arabic)

Asharq New TV, Impact of COVID 19 on carbon emissions, aired 23 November 2020 (Arabic)

Gulf Intelligence, Middle East Energy Transitions Dialogues, aired 28 October 2020

Sowt Podcast , Mad wa Jazr Podcast, aired 21 October 2020.

Arab News, Survival in the Age of Heatwaves, 2019

Aljazeera English, Qatar moves to establish more sustainable developments, 2019

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Aljazeera English, Qatar hosts climate summit amid criticism, November 2012.

CNN International, Road to Rio, aired 18-29 January 2012.

United Arab Emirates:

Al Aan TV , Studio Al Aan episode on Climate Change and IPCC Report, aired 9 August 2021 (Arabic)

Goumbook, The future of cities, Youth and Regenerative Development are key to achieving sustainability, June 2020.

The National, Masdar City: Role model for a sustainable future, November 2013.

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Build Green, Climate Change Warriors, Spotlight Interview with Karim Elgendy and Wissam Yassine, April 2012.

Build Green, Towards Sustainable Transportation, April 2012

Build Green, Introduction to Carboun’s Road to Doha project, March 2012

Build Green, Responding to Climate Change, March 2012.

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United States:

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United Kingdom:

Environment Analyst (Subscribers Only) Middle East outlook: Infrastructure drives consultancy market, June 2011.

Energy Bulletin, It’s a race to failure between rogue states and global oil output, July 2010.


Al Mamlaka TV, News program on forest fires and climate change, aired 13 August 2021

Alghad, Jordan Ranks Fourth on Renewable Energy in the Middle East and North Africa Region, January 2018 (Arabic).

The Jordan Times,  Jordan 3rd in (Arab World) Region in Renewable Energy Capacity, January 2018.


Extra News, Program on Forest Fires in the Mediterranean, Aired 13 August 2021.

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The New Arab, Environmental refugees: The cost of ignoring climate change, Published 30 August 2021.

The New Arab, Climate Change: Can the Middle East Reach Net Zero by 2050?, Published 19 August 2021.

Saudi Arabia

Arab News, How the coronavirus crisis has shifted priorities for Arab cities, December 2020


L’Orient-Le Jour,  Changement climatique : un appel concret à l’action, initié par de jeunes Libanais, July 2012 (French)


Radio Monte Carlo, Live Interview about Climate Negotiations and the Civil Society in the Arab World, Aired 26 September 2018 (Arabic)

Radio Monte Carlo, Live Interview about Climate and the Environment in the Arab World, Aired 18 September 2018 (Arabic)


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Anadolu Ajansı, Joining the dots or joining late? Turkey’s new climate policy, October 2021

Haber Tuar, TBMM’den geçen Paris İklim Anlaşması ile ilgili uluslararası basında çarpıcı yorum, October 2021


Egomonk, Low Carbon Urban Development: Feasible Decisions for MENA Cities (Video) , 2020